Krzysztof Podruczny

Designer & Researcher

Participated projects


Allegro Working on mobile apps of the biggest e–commerce platform in Poland. Trying to deliver the best possible experience to end users.

Fetchstr It's a peer–to–peer delivery network that connects people who need on-demand delivery with people who have the time to deliver it. I was responsible for designing the iOS application—from rough concept to final GUI.

Okazjum I helped Okazjum with creating their mobile presence on all major platforms—iOS, Android and Windows Phone—and showed possible improvements regarding their website.


Double Vision As a part of development team, I helped design the Minimum Viable Product of Real Time Bidding platform for buying ads on–line aimed at specific audiences. I also implemented usability metrics into the app and helped with further development. The company was bought by SITO Mobile in late 2014.

Clarivoy Being a part of development team, I helped design analytics platform for advertisers which allows them to see what impact television advertisments have on website traffic.

AraLabs I helped design intuitive solution for Marketers that allows them detect fradulent traffic on their websites.


Rabbit Our goal was to design application for controlling light in wearhouses and factories. Created early on personas helped our team keep user’s needs and context in mind throughout the process.

PKN Orlen Being part of design and research team, I helped with testing usability of purchasing platform for merchants and re–designing it later on.


eBay Classifieds As a part of research team, I helped with user testing of, analysing data and reporting back to the client with possible solutions. I was a part of the team that did user testing of payment process for the biggest Polish social network.

National Audio-Visual Institute Doing user testing of webiste with rich repository of artistic multimedia.

Aiton Caldwell I helped design VoIP application dedicated to small US companies.


Polskapresse I was part of a team that was doing user testing for one of Polskapresse’s automotive vortals.

Testdroid I helped with designing web application for testing Android apps on real devices.